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The main aim of CREATE is to develop and demonstrate a heat battery, i.e. an advanced thermal storage system based on Thermo-Chemical Materials (TCMs), that enables economically affordable, compact and loss-free storage of heat in existing buildings.

The CREATE technology is a compact thermal energy storage system for the buildings sector. It will be the game changer in the transformation of our existing building stock towards near-zero energy buildings. The project will release the full potential of renewable energy by enabling effective integration of heat storage into Europe’s building stock.


The buildings sector accounts for the largest share of energy consumption (Europe wide approx. 37%). As two third of the building stock in 2050 is made up of currently existing buildings, the solution should be realized with the current building stock. The CREATE project aims to tackle this challenge by developing a compact heat storage module. This “heat battery” allows for better use of available renewable energy sources in two ways:


The heat battery targets three breakthrough elements

Economical affordability

for the existing building stock we will reach at least a reduction of 15% of the net energy consumption with a potential Return-On-Investment shorter than 10 years


novel high-density materials will be used in order to limit the use of the available space to a maximum of 2.5 m3 thermochemical material

No heat losses during storage

this is an intrinsic material property of thermochemical storage technology, thereby enabling long-term storage

CREATE will target the following sub-objectives


Latest news

Presentation at EUROTHERM

23 May 2019

On Thursday 16th May, Samuel Knabl from AEE has presented prototype results of the Create project at the Eurotherm Seminar in Lleida, Spain. The conference took place from 15th to 17th May at the facilities of the Universitat de Lleida (UdL).
The presentation of our partners from AEE has been a part of Session 8 - Thermal energy storage in buildings II. 



30 May 2019

Another TESSe2b workshop is fast approaching! This time, the workshop will take place on 12th June 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.
We are happy to announce that Create project will be presented at the workshop by Olga Jaksch from Mostostal Warszawa SA.

Learn more about that project on their project website.

7th tesse2b workshop

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